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talkin baseball March 2, 2006

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It’s that time again — baseball season, and more importantly Red Sox season is here. I’ve been a Sox fan all my life, and this year I’m excited to say that we have some tickets to the first game of the season between the Sox and Yankees. Unless you live in New England, this just seems like a trumped up rivalry, but seriously, it’s intense. For me this is a huge thrill, especially since my wife will be 8 months pregnant at that time! I hope she doesn’t get hit with a home run in the tummy, unless it was hit by Big Papi. This is exciting because the Sox have a whole new look this season, with a brand-new infield and no Johnny Damon. What a traitor. This will be exciting since he will be the first player up, and it’s his first time back at Fenway as a Yankee, so I’m very excited to see what the crowd reaction will be like.

Did you know how hard it is to get a wireless router? I set one up in the house the other day, but shopping for one was much harder. Every box promises to be Super, Ultra, or Smart. I ended up getting one that promised to make me an egg McMuffin, but I’ll leave that to this contraption.

I have a whole great list of things I want to do with this beelog, like a Five Dolla Holla where I talk about CDs you should never ever pay more than $5 for (but are great musical gems that somehow end up in the discount bin). Also, reviews of stuff, current obsessions and future trends. For instance, did you know how delicious a McGriddle is? You should. Am I behind the times with the McGriddle? Yes, but it’s tasty.

The new Built To Spill album leaked, and badabopbopbah, I’m lovin’ it. We’re seeing them at the end of April in Burlington. I have to add a side column of shows or something. The only thing about this leaked version is that someone is yelling “WHO IS MIKE DOW” or something like that over the entire album, every few minutes. And at the end, they give out a phone number: 281-330-8004. It’s a Houston cell number, but that’s all I got. Anyone want to call it? I can’t call anything, it took me an hour just to try and make a call to a dentist this morning, but more on that later.

I’m constantly tweaking and working on this site and I hope to actually make something of it.


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