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runny noses are something you can never catch March 7, 2006

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The weekend was fruitful to say the least. The seeds of ill health were spread, that’s for sure. H woke up on Friday with an inability to breathe from neither mouth nor nose; she stayed home and just took it easy. I slept most of the day having gone to Saugus, MA the night before for work. That’s not in my usual territory, but I had to meet with corporate bigwigs to learn about new techniques and upcoming changes in the biz. All in all, a ton of fun and Saugus is a horrible place to drive; I’m glad I don’t live there.

Saturday was spent celebrating a friend’s birthday in true surprise party fashion, which is always great. After much partying, Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD Edition was brought out and let me just say it was a blast as always. It’s always interesting to see what other people know as far as pop culture is concerned. The DVD part can be sort of lame at times, but overall it’s a great game. I do enjoy the regular impossible Trivial Pursuit, but that’s just me.

Sunday was spent cleaning out what is going to be the nursery and getting a lot of crap taken care of around the house. A trip to CVS was essential, my nose was literally dripping non-stop by that point. Anti-histamine in system, we then went to BJ’s Wholesale Club and signed up for a membership. It’s been a few years since I’ve belonged to a warehouse club, but it’s still the same. Giant jars of mayo, multi-packs of canned turkey, and huge cuts of meat. We picked up a few essentials and headed home with our gallons of V-8.

Once home, we kicked out some wonderful ribeyes that H had picked up on Thursday evening; following this recipe from AB we seared them quick in the cast-iron frying pan followed by some high-temp heat in the oven; 10 minutes later we had beautiful steaks at a perfect medium-rare topped with a delicious gorgonzola mushroom sauce. I have never made steak this way but it was superbly wonderful to say the least. It was a little rare for me, that just means I’ll have to adjust the cook time next time. We watched the Oscars while we feasted and overall, it was a pretty good show. Jon Stewart started off a little stiff but by the end he had loosened up and any nay-sayers should just shut it. His adlibbing was definitely the best part of the night, hopefully he will be back next year and will feel even more comfortable doing it. My only fear was reading the pre-show press talking about how much people wished for Billy Crystal. God I hate Billy Crystal.

Take one of these and inhale!In dealing with our sickness, we broke out something I got H for Xmas: Shower Soothers. Now let me tell you about this miracle in tablet form. It’s essentially a bunch of vapo-rub compacted into a tablet that dissolves in the hot water from your shower. It comes sealed in a foil pouch and if you touch it, I think it gives you a rash because they warn you several times about not touching it directly. It looks like a 2000 Flushes tablet but you just drop it on the floor of your shower, step in and inhale. Holy crap! It’s a rush of mentholicious goodness that hits your sinuses like bam bam bam! I think the interesting thing about this product is that on the warning label it tells you that it is not to be taken internally. I am really not sure how you would or could do that, or what kind of cold you have to have to even want to shove it up your nose directly, but I’m glad they told me. I give the SudaCare Shower Soothers a hearty B+ for soothing my stuffy nasal passages and they only lost points for not actually having wavy lines of soothing goodness that wafted up through my shower and into my lungs. Plus, the whole do-not-touch kind of spooked me, so that can’t be that good either.

I’m going to try and focus more on cooking and things we make, so if you like that sort of thing you’re in for a treat.


2 Responses to “runny noses are something you can never catch”

  1. Miketastic Says:

    Firstly: board games rule. We have a board game closet.
    Secondly: those steaks sound fookin’ delish, man.
    Thirdly: I loved Vicks Vapo-Rub as a kid, but was really turned off with their misappropriation by Ecstacy enthusiasts.

  2. Luis Says:

    I saw that AB episode! (AB = MY BOYFRIEND)

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