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We the people March 8, 2006

Filed under: kris kristofferson,music,neo-government,overthrow this! — tim @ 6:59 am

It was occuring to us last night that many other forms of government would be better than what we currently have. So I present to you the first in an occasional series: Overthrow This!
heaven! Kris Kristoffracy: a form of government in which Kris Kristofferson ruled the planet with his songwriting. Laws would be carried out by his band of Highwaymen, where they would dole out justice in a three-minute country ballad. Advantages: low crime, high musicality. Disadvantages: I don’t really have a structured government here, but we thought it sounded like a good solution to today’s problems.

The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is pretty tight, but I’m really digging the new Loose Fur already. Discovering a few new bands courtesy of my bro 106, and I’ll update more with that later. Right now it’s time to jet out of this breadshack.


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