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Now this is my kind of guy! March 9, 2006

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This dude decided to have a $39 experiement in which he mailed letters off to 100 companies basically asking for a free sample. Some said yes, some never wrote back and others flat out refused. His letters are pretty funny. This is a great hobby of mine, except I love writing letters of complaint more. Check this one out:

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am a gum addict. I have tried every flavor of gum made, and nothing compares to your Eclipse “Cherry Ice”. Did you stop making that flavor? I’ve heard people say that it tastes like a cough drop to them – but I love the flavor. Please send me free samples of any and every single gum flavor you have and can send me. I love gum more than I can put into words. Remember that girl from Willy Wonka, always chewing gum? I put that girl to shame. Thank you.
Tom Locke, gum enthusiast

I have written to Wrigley’s complaining about this exact gum and I got free Lemon Ice in return! He got nothing! Also be sure and check out the Quiznos/Subway letters.

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2 Responses to “Now this is my kind of guy!”

  1. Miketastic Says:

    I liked the Arby’s letter as well: “I love your roast beef. I’ve often had daydreams of replacing my blanket with a blanket of Arby’s thin-sliced roast beef.” Sorry, 106, I think I just found my 107.

  2. the baker's wife Says:

    mmmmm Arby’s: America’s Roast Beef, Yes Sir! Recipe for a perfect sandwich: thin-sliced roast beef, 1 packet Arby’s sauce, 2 packets Horsey Sauce. Vegetation nice but not required. Hey, aren’t you supposed to indulge a pregnant woman’s cravings?

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