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What not to eat (over your keyboard) March 15, 2006

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I saw this article on digg and my first thought was “wow, this is pretty cool. What not to eat over your keyboard.” But then it turns out that the list is totally lame! I mean, come on, rice krispies? There are way worse foods than Rice Krispies to eat over your keyboard, such as:

philly cheesesteaks
donut burgers
fried chicken
buffalo wings
all chinese food

Please, feel free to add to this. There are many, many things that are worse to eat over a keyboard than rice. Who eats plain rice, much less over your keyboard?

*wolves only

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13 Responses to “What not to eat (over your keyboard)”

  1. Lu Says:

    I suggest rice, Jello, and ice cream.

  2. the baker's wife Says:

    I was thinking about turning my keyboard upside-down and letting you know what falls out, but I don’t want to start anything. I did flick some salad on my gel wrist rest yesterday but no major damage was done. For the record, I’m totally not on board with the donut burger thing.

  3. Keren Says:


  4. Miketastic Says:

    Oh, Helina, the doughnut burger was just the start of many a culinary and gastric adventure, the first in a string of entree/dessert combos. Next in line: chocolate-covered meatballs, or perhaps mac-and-cheesecake. Actually that sounds kind of disgusting, but I’d eat it solely based on the wordplay involved.

  5. tim Says:

    mike, don’t forget Bacon Pie. MMMMMMM I can’t wait to get me a heapin’ slice of BACON PIE! I love me some of that!

  6. Miketastic Says:

    Well, that’s actually not very far-fetched, seeing as meat pies like shepherd’s pie, for instance, already exist. We need to get more innovative than that; you know how some pie shops have BanBerry (Banana Strawberry) pies or some exotic fruit combinations, we need to create the BanBacon Pie, or somehow invent Bacon Mousse or Bacon Meringue.

  7. the baker's wife Says:

    Tim, I thought you liked my Bacon Pie! I could probably get behind some entree/dessert combos but there would definitely have to be good wordplay in the name. Mac-and-cheesecake: good earfeel, presumably bad mouthfeel.

  8. tim Says:

    you’ve never made me bacon pie! ever!

    (how about Tuna Pudding, or Kielbasa Kobbler?)

  9. the baker's wife Says:

    Never say the words “Tuna Pudding” EVER AGAIN! Now the Scrapple-Apple Pie I just ate is threatening to come up!

  10. Miketastic Says:

    Helina: I love that word earfeel.

    Tim: listen to your wife – Tuna Pudding? Good god, man, get a hold of yourself.

    Everyone: I don’t know how this escaped us, but… chicken pot pie a la mode. More food explorations in our forthcoming EDS blog.

  11. the baker's wife Says:

    Chicken pot pie a la mode sounds really good (even though it would qualify as a “before and after” clue on Wheel of Fortune. Sometimes we fantasize about playing dumb just to get on that show–surely they have some kind of weeding-out process at the tryouts–and then cleaning house on every puzzle.)

  12. Miketastic Says:

    I have a game show-related post just itching to be written, but an infuriating combination of actual work and laziness is currently preventing me from typing it out.

  13. erica Says:

    one of my friends ruined her laptop after spilling a jar of olive juice on it. so i would have to say..olives.

    i really try not to eat anything too close to my precious ibook because of that fact.

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