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Josh Ritter – The Animal Years March 16, 2006

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josh ritter - animal years

I was just recently reminded that Josh Ritter has a new album coming out (it’s already out in Ireland where I guess he’s HUGE), and it’s already getting rave reviews there. Here are some mp3s from his site, do check them out. I have always loved his stuff, and this is no exception.

Josh Ritter – Girl In the War

Josh Ritter – Thin Blue Flame



2 Responses to “Josh Ritter – The Animal Years”

  1. Lu Says:

    I really like Josh Ritter. They play ‘Girl in the War’ here on our modern rock station.

  2. Miketastic Says:

    I just, uh, obtained a copy of this album last night and am listening to it for the first time right now. Good, quality headphone listening stuff. I could see myself driving through New England leaf-peeping while this was on in the car.

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