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Operation Marination: SUCCESS March 18, 2006

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BBQin' it up in the wintar

Operation Marination has been considered a SUCCESS! Last night at 1700 hours, I fired up the grill and allowed it to heat to perfection while I readied the Tequila Lime-marinated London Broil. We sliced up some zuccinni, yellow squash and sweet onion and I proceeded to grill away. Despite the malfunction of my grill probe thermometer to determine the doneness of the steak (it was way too cold out and the batteries died) — the steak had a little bit more char and ended up a bit on the rare side, but it was still delicious nonetheless! Following are a few more photos from the excursion.

Tonight’s dinner adventure was fried pork chops crusted in an herb crumb crust — they turned out great. Thanks loving wife!

BBQ to the max!

me, with all appropriate winter grilling gear: long sleeved Tshirt, hoodie, denim jacket, beer.

Oh! HOW could I forget the GRILLED PINEAPPLE up there?? Holy crap, best thing to do to a pineapple ever.

the most imortant part of BBQin

the important part of BBQin’. This was great because we hadn’t fired up the grill all winter, and I’m gettin the hankerin to do so more often now.


3 Responses to “Operation Marination: SUCCESS”

  1. Luis Says:

    Help!! The first paragraph is trapped next to your first picture and I can’t read it!!!!!

    The ‘rents printed one of the pregnant!Helina pictures and posted it on the refrigerator. 😀

  2. Miketastic Says:

    106, I grilled some pork chops last night – they had a lemon/garlic/herb rub, turned out pretty tasty. Also, for some reason, I absent-mindedly bought zucchini instead of cucumber for a salad, and I ended up making some zesty lemon zucchini bread for the first time. Huzzah for happy accidents.

  3. tim Says:

    next time, you should make Cucumber Bread! MMMMMM. but hooray on the lemon zuke bread — this is the sort of recipe we as Modern American Domesticated Males should be swapping over our next bridge game. I call dibs on bringing the clam dip.

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