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silver jews — 3.19.06 — the middle east: cambridge, MA March 20, 2006

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Last night was one of the first concerts for The Silver Jews. They don’t tour much, and by much I mean ever. They put on a pretty good show, even if it did get started very late. The opening bands were Ketman from LA (I think so? They play PRETTY DECENT OPENING BAND ROCK) and New Radiant Storm King from Easthampton, MA (They play TIME-WASTING SNORE-CORE). Silver Jews were pretty good as well. The show was well-attended by many scenesters who apparently got the memo of what to wear. Longish spiky hair, glasses, beard and blazer required! And the women there were all simply dragged there by their boyfriends who were Pavement geeks from back in the day, and it was obvious that some of the women had no idea why they were there. Hilarious.


4 Responses to “silver jews — 3.19.06 — the middle east: cambridge, MA”

  1. the baker's wife Says:

    What about the man who was dragged there by his wife who was a Pavement geek from back in the day? Huh? Huh?

  2. Miketastic Says:

    Speaking of Pavement, do you guys like the latest Stephen Malkmus album? I thought it was his best post-Pavement stuff yet. And for Pavement sound-a-likes, check out The Hockey Night, I think they’re a Minny band. I likes ’em.

  3. tim Says:

    Yeah, I totally fit in with the club girls who were there with their Pavement geek bfs…at least I wasn’t the guy yelling “SUMMER BAAAAAAAABE!” and “WE NEED MALKMUS!!!!”

    and I think the new Malkmus solo album is eh, but then again, you need to ask the Pavement geek. It’s not within my realm of knowledge.

  4. the baker's wife Says:

    I didn’t really give the latest Malk effort (“Face the Truth”) enough thorough listens to comment. (I hang my head in shame. I’m a bad Pavement geek.) Tim burned it for me–though I think we bought it while on a trip to Omaha or something–labeled it “The Malkman” and stuck it in my CD visor. I kept reaching for it thinking it was The Walkmen, and then putting it back when I realized it wasn’t. (I’m ashamed to even type that.) I think we gave it a few good listens on the way to a show or something but honestly I neglected it. I bought his first solo album (self-titled) the day it came out and cherished every bit of it like a 3-line email from someone who’d dumped me but whom I’d never gotten over. I was still deeply mourning Pavement. Truly though there were only a handful of good songs on it–it was a little too campy and cheesy for my liking. Then “Pig Lib” came out, and I wanted to love it but it didn’t blow me away. At least I can still hum some of the songs. I’m looking at a tracklist for “Face the Truth” and I can’t remember how any of the songs go! Maybe it deserves another chance.

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