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Dear Florida, March 22, 2006

Filed under: corruption,katherine harris,open letter to,politics — tim @ 7:19 pm

FUGLYIf you actually consider the notion of electing Katherine Harris to the office of US Senate, you’re totally crazy. She’s pledged to sell all of her assets in order to win this race. I mean, the woman accepted contributions from the guy who was giving money to Randy “Duke” Cunningham and we all know how awesome Duke turned out! He’s nothing but a big phony (and had been his whole career). She has been avoiding all confrontations with reporters and has dodged this issue like trying to swat a gnat with a 2×4. Her ‘big interview’ has been with her fanboy Sean Hannity (don’t get me started). So please, Florida, don’t be duped by your idiotic Representative who’s as crooked as they come.




3 Responses to “Dear Florida,”

  1. Lu Says:

    Plus she looks like a drag queen.

  2. tim Says:

    and a bad one at that! If she looked like a nice drag queen, that’s one thing, but COME ON

  3. Lu Says:

    All over, drag queens are shaking their heads and saying, “Oh honey, no.”

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