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Is that a printer in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? March 23, 2006

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“A mobile phone-sized printer designed to spit out specific messages could free both the email-obsessed and the technologically tentative from their fears.”

Now THIS looks like a cool invention. Why can’t there be a small printer that’s about this size that would spit out things on a ticker tape, similar to the receipt you get at a self-serve pay-at-the-pump? That would be so much easier. This goes along with a series I’ve been meaning to do: things that need to be invented.

The first came to me last night while in the shower. “Self,” I said to myself. “Why are we still using these archaic temperature control knobs to regulate water temperature?” So I says to myself again, “I know what we need: COMPUTERS.”

Basically my idea is simple: utilizing existing tankless hot water heater technology (which are genius in and of themself: hot water on-demand and a limitless supply of it), there would be a digital, waterproof control panel (similar to the panel on an oven that I use at work) where different people could program their own shower or bath settings. This is mainly for water temperature regulation; the control panel would read “ok, it’s Tim. He has programmed his shower to be 110 degrees. Here it is!” and you’d NEVER have to fiddle with the shower again! There would of course be a safety in it to prevent the temperature from going any higher than say, 230 degrees (Fahrenheit) (I’m proud — I spelled that correctly on the first attempt! GO ME).

So don’t steal my idea, but if you do, please send me one of these gizmos.

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