thoughts from New England

canadian things March 31, 2006

A few notes on Canada:

– In Quebec on the French channels, Family Guy is translated into French — but it's called Les Griffin. The voices are obviously dubbed but they completely lack the accents of Lois or Cleveland or even Peter — they all strangely sound much more intelligent (especially Peter). Perhaps the accents they use are similar in nature to the grating Rhode Island accents, but I somehow doubt it. In any case, it's hysterical. So the theme song sings out "Nous! Sommes! Les! Grif! Fin!!!!!" at the end. Thank you, Quebec!

Tim Hortons completely blows away any other donut shop in both the donut and coffee categories. First, the donut: It melts in your mouth the same way a hot, fresh Krispy Kreme does, but the Tim's is superior in that it melts in your mouth while cool. This is an amazing work of fried doughery as the flavor is just outstanding. And in the coffee department, it's smooth, flavorful and bold without even a hint of bitterness. I take my coffee with just cream and they delivered near-perfection. Dunkin Donuts will have to do while here in the states, but Tim's just leapt into first place. While we were there, Tim's also just went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange, so I wish them well. Plus, it goes by Tim's, so that's something good for it as well.

– The St. Viateur Bagels are simply out-of-this-world. Sweet, chewy and light all at once. Words can't describe.

– Canada has a great road sign which I cannot find online, it's basically the 'no hitchhiking/bike riding on the highway' sign, but it looks like the guy is standing on his bike seat. I wish I had a picture, because once again, words can't describe.

– Canada has their own Discovery Channel, and on it they have a show called Canada's Worst Handyman. I'm not sure of the premise, but I think the title sums it up nicely. I don't know how you could lose at this game, but surely some of them are losing at being bad?

In short, our neighbor to the north has some grand things to offer us, and we should take full advantage (especially of their food and television). Tim Hortons is already open in many US states, so I can only hope they're coming this way soon! (It's only a matter of time).


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