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Eat. Drink. Sports. April 4, 2006

Filed under: eat.drink.sports — tim @ 9:56 am

In a blatant ripoff of my compatriot Mike, I am shamelessly promoting our joint venture in the blogosphere, Eat.Drink.Sports. EDS is and will become your focal point for all things manly — awesome recipes for things dudes would make (like Donut Burgers), delicious beer reviews, and sporting events and commentary that will shock you! Okay, it might not shock or even mildly tase you, but it's a good forum to go and get your daily dose of testosterone. Ladies, don't be afraid of the site, it won't cause hair to burst forth from your chest but your genteel presence will balance it out as you are undoubtedly pleased with our hunting and gathering abilities, as well as our skills at telling professional athletes how they are doing horribly. So come one, come all, and bookmark (for now, till we go pro) and watch the site spew forth greatness before your very eyes.

Spins of the week not updated as today I am getting my mp3 player finally installed into my car, so I'll have a better grasp on that later in the week.


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