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workin hard? hardly workin! April 5, 2006

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The last 2 weeks have seen me go back to the old school methods of having to bake every single night. It is not always the best, but after some time I enjoy it as you reach this zen-like period where everything you do just flows very nicely. I am back into the groove of baking and I do enjoy it as I start training a new baker next week. That, coupled with my schoolwork, keeps me very busy. I've been tidying up today and it's quite the chore. I did get my car mp3 player installed yesterday so I've also been busy with that. That should prove to be an awesomely fun thing to waste my time with. BURT

Not much time for anything else as I have to paint, but I'll throw out a little product plug. This winter my hands and skin were getting incredibly dry from the cold air and the dry heating method we have in the house (wood stove). It got to the point where my knuckles were cracking and bleeding — something I've never had. After a few misfires, I found one product that worked amazingly and now I keep it handy (get it? handy) at all times. It's Burt's Bees Hand Salve. Holy crap does this stuff replenish your skin. Just let it sit on there for a few minutes to dry and within days (just once a day use) your hands are amazingly better. It's better than any of that Udder Cream or whatever people steal from their cow's medicine chest. Burt's is all natural and that's a big plus. Find it at CVS or just about any drug store on the planet. This stuff works. And it smells like honey. 


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