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While I’m on the subject of comix April 13, 2006

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front page of valley news 4/13/06My local paper, the Valley News, has the worst comics page of all time. I'd call it the funnies pages, but there is not a single funny thing about this. The picture to the left is not an example of these comics, but rather an example of what gets run on the front page just about every day. This guy is making an example out of someone on some selectboard, as Selectboards are great ways to not run your town. 

First of all, the daily paper carries one set of crappy comics while the Sunday paper carries a somewhat different set. For example, it's really a bummer when I can follow the adventures of Cathy all week long but then get denied on Sunday!? Cathy-blocked — Ack! And who determined that Beetle Bailey and Hagar the Horrible have earned the right to be in my comics all week, yet B.C. only berate and humble me on the Sabbath?

We get snivel like Sally Forth and Zits on Sundays, but thankfully we don't have to hear their whiny pseudo-teenage pseudo-complaints during the week. But against all of my wishes, I'm forced t be glued to every day's worth of For Better Or For Worse. I always wonder if this is a question that the author is asking me — and no matter what I answer, they say "nope, worse." Could there be any more depressing plot lines? And not to mention, every strip never fails to end with someone getting a cold steel rod shoved down their pants and the said person looks shocked and exasperated. (it's true, look in your daily paper. Don't get that pre-web "paper"? too bad, you'll have to take my word for it.) So, reasons that For Better or For Worse is the most depressing comic out there:

1. It takes place in Canada

2. cold steel rods in pants daily

3. I can't keep track of the characters and their seemingly real lives 

So I'll be writing a letter to the Valley Snooze to get to the bottom of this comic strip mystery. Ha — comic strip mystery — what is this, Apartment 3G? That would be an improvement over Shoe!


3 Responses to “While I’m on the subject of comix”

  1. the baker's wife Says:

    He’s not kidding: worst comics page EVER. Seriously–Peanuts, just give it up. Dennis, I’m so over you. Garfield, you’re over 20 now, I think it’s time to put you to sleep.

  2. Lu Says:

    I didn’t think there really were any funny comics left. (Except for Boondocks.) I think I’m just going to start reading my big Calvin & Hobbes books on Sunday mornings.

  3. tim Says:

    and we don’t even get what some papers get: Classic Calvin & Hobbes. I’d be happy with that.

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