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The Weekly Blurb April 17, 2006

Filed under: movies — tim @ 11:41 pm

The Weekly Blurb is the greatest movie website out there today. Seriously, it is! Because every movie, no matter how bad, deserves a good blurb!

Thank you, Satellite News, for the tip!


One Response to “The Weekly Blurb”

  1. Miketastic Says:

    I’m jealous that you saw this and posted about this first. This review site is brilliant! My favorite lines about Basic Instinct 2: “Sharon Stone is once again brilliant in the role of a walking vagina – a deadly vagina with hair and teeth and a variety of weapons at her disposal… Enter Dr. Michael Glass (David Morrissey), a walking penis who poses as a criminal psychiatrist. Dr. Glass reacts stiffly to Catherine’s advances, at least at first, but within two or three minutes he’s plunged headlong into a dark mysterious world of moisture and intrigue.”

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