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Dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts, April 19, 2006

Filed under: metal,wolf parade — tim @ 10:21 pm

This is awesome — a completely mobile office! Too bad I have absolute zero use for this.

This dude is hardcore metal! “Maybe the metal gods above were smiling on me and they didn't want one of their true warriors to die on them. Otherwise, I'd be up there in the kingdom of steel.”

wolf parade! The Wolf Parade show last night was AWESOME. They put on a real killer show — well worth the money. It was their first time to Burlington and judging from the response they got from the crowd, it doesn't look like it'll be their last. I don't know what the setlist was exactly, but they played:

– shine a light

– i'll believe in anything

– this heart's on fire

– you are a runner

– modern world

– grounds for divorce

– we built another world

– dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts

– more, including a bunch of new stuff.

Overall, they were just a really really great band to see live. It was pretty well-attended to capacity, which is really nice to see. Plus, the crowd was just amped to see them in general. I know I was excited! That photo is from the phone, and I guess it came out okay.


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