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This is Bush’s new health care plan —————————> April 27, 2006

amenWhere do I begin with this?

Well, why don’t I start with something completely different. Here’s a list of nights you will never see on American Idol:

– ska night

– Violent Femmes night

– polka night (ok so that was a gimme)

– Kelly Pickler night

I’m glad that states are beginning to realize that we need to begin impeachment proceedings against you-know-who (hint: he’s the one healing the leper in the picture). I could list all of the reasons why his breaking the law is worse than what Clinton did (or had done to him, rather), and in my recent studying of Founding Fathers, it makes me madder than before that the Constitution is treated like it’s irrelevent because it disagrees with a GOP agenda.

The amount of buddy-buddy oil company-government goings-on is ridiculous;
I hope you all not only vote your conscience this fall, but vote for the future. Here’s what’s at stake:

– your civil liberties

– the environment

– your security (and by that I mean if we continue down this awesome path of pissing off the rest of the world, we’re in for it)

– your children


If you don’t, you’re just getting us into a lot of


I have seen a lot of great vanity plates around lately. Yesterday in the span of 5 minutes I saw QTP2T and my all-time favorite, -PWN3D-


7 Responses to “This is Bush’s new health care plan —————————>”

  1. Lu Says:

    I want to see Violent Femmes night on American Idol so bad. I would stay home to watch it.

    Bill >>>>>>>>> George. I still cry over the loss of Bill. I want to repeal the 2-terms law, just for him.

    Also, I imagine Charlottesville’s own TJ and the original GW are watching from above, shaking their heads in exasperation.

  2. Lu Says:

    Weird, I wrote a comment to this earlier, but it’s not here.

    Anyway, what I said was this:

    Bill > George

  3. Lu Says:

    Heh. And there’s the comment.

  4. tim Says:

    no, you said Bill >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> George and that’s the troof.

  5. Karen Says:

    What’s QTP2T mean? *stoopit*

  6. tim Says:

    cutie patootie!

  7. QTP2T

    [Add Your Guess]
    I couldn’t get this one – I had to read the answer.
    Let’s see who can guess it first.
    via breadshack
    Tags: puzzle, vanity plates, personalized plates, license plates, vanity, car, cars

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