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new look, new title, new info… July 25, 2006

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…and one other thing…hmm…what was it again? Oh yes, new baby! She was born on June 10 and came out healthy (8lb 9oz, 21″) and is doing just great. She is certainly a wonder to behold! Right now she’s about six weeks old and is already holding up her head and looking around, grasping whatever she can get her little paws on. For now, we’ll call her Lil Pumpkin, or P for short. 😉 She certainly is a cute little pumpkin!

This blog is going to do a slight shift of gears and maintain gain focus as I attempt to corral the topics of entries into This Life Domestic I’ve been given. I find myself having a passion for growing things: children, vegetables, fruits (tomatoes are fruits?), bread, and a sense of wonder and amazement at the out-of-doors. I look forward to sharing my experiences through good and bad with these obstacles and achievements, be it a good crop of zucchini or the cursed wasp’s nest that I have to get down from the eves of the house.

So on that note, I will be attempting to update daily, which I realize is a daunting task with work, school, and parenting, but I am determined this time. I will be uploading photos through and showing off the results of my growing abilities! Check out the flickr feed in the sidebar, if you like what you see you can join up, get an account and see more!


2 Responses to “new look, new title, new info…”

  1. Congrats! And kudos on the commitment to update daily. Blog OCD is its own reward. 😉

  2. tim Says:

    Thanks! It’s a real challenge but I find that if I make time (at work) then I can actually build something solid here. It was working well for a while, and then OOPS HERE COMES THE BABY!

    Thanks for the encouragement, and I’m glad I found your site, it’s a great resource for dads out there!

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