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So far, so good July 31, 2006

Filed under: athomedad,baby — tim @ 12:50 pm

Today is the first day I’ve had alone with the LP, and so far, so good! H had to go back to work because she is too healthy. We almost had a minor meltdown, but that was solved with a quick feeding and now she’s snuggled off into her crib for another nap.

Yesterday was my birthday and we spent the day travelling around central Vermont, we drove to Rutland and back, with stops in Bridgewater for brunch and Killington for lupper. It was a perfect day, weatherwise: low 80s, sunny, breezy, and not humid at all. In fact, as we went by Killington the air grew much cooler and felt great in the car. Last night it finally cooled off into the 50s and we were able to relax.

As I reflected on turning 28, I enjoyed that I have these new roles to fill and these new responsibilities and duties to my family. It’s a huge change from even 2 years ago when it was barely a blip on my mind.

In another daddy complaing note:

1. too many things run on batteries

2. the battery life is too short

3. the time cycles of sleep-inducing things are way too short. Seven minutes? Stupid swing.


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