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Tuesday Garden Update August 1, 2006

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Well, puttering around in the garden this week has resulted in some serious ups and downs.

The Ups:

  • The Great Pumpkins: There are about 5 that are larger than your average cantaloupe, and one about the size of a bowling ball.
  • Hot, Hot, Hot (Peppers): The cherry bombs are doing nicely and turning red, there’s a few orange habaneros, the jalapenos are growing insane, and all the rest are really coming into their own.
  • Grape tomatoes are here: the first crops are in! Slowly but surely we’re getting red ones off the vine and into our salads. Sweet, strong, juicy — it’s all there.
  • Zukes Still Strong: Zucchini has slowed with the first crop being completed, but I’m finding about 2 out there every few days, which is a good rate. I have to make zucchini bread sometime soon.
  • Wattamelon: I have the first baby watermelon! I didn’t think it would take and I’m surprised as any, but it’s there!

The Downs:

  • Grape Weight: Speaking of the grape tomatoes, the plants are seriously too heavy for their own weight. I’ve learned a lot about grape tomatoes, and when my dad said that the bamboo stakes I got wouldn’t hold….he was right. I’ve continuously added more and now the originals have snapped as the plants are bowing under their own weight, touching the ground in some spots. Next year I’ll grow them in the ground and in a row, not in a single pot.
  • Something Wilting This Way Comes: there’s some sort of squash bore beetle that’s been making its way into the vines and killing off the leaves of the zucchinis and pumpkins. I usually trim back the dying leaves and it’s worked ok, but it’s never really gone. Suffice to say, both plants are doing okay but I wonder how the end of the season will be. I’ve looked it up and suspect it to be a squash bore, which lists its top two foods as 1. pumpkins and 2. zucchini. Next year I’ll grow some butternut and winter squashes for sure.
  • Anaheim Down: One of the hot pepper plants (the Anaheim) suffered a loss this week with a recent hailstorm, and snapped about 2/3 of its branches off. I tried to sprout the branches but to no avail. The rest of the plant is doing well, though.
  • Hot Hot Heat: this week’s seen record temps across the country, and while everything’s good so far, that can only last so long. Tonight will be some serious watering and I’ll set up the sprinkler to take care of the potted plants tonight.

That’s the weekly garden roundup, more next week. See the recent flickr pictures to the left for snapshots as the season progresses.


One Response to “Tuesday Garden Update”

  1. Snoop Says:

    What’s the moral of the bamboo stakes story..? Never, NEVER doubt the FAA (or the National Park Service).

    P.S. Hizzo Belatizzo Birthizzay

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