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Time Flies! August 25, 2006

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Well, it’s been a while (again) since I’ve last updated. What else is to be expected when you go on vacation and have so much fun while doing it? We had a great time, but we learned a few things:

  1. we took too much stuff for Lil Pumpkin
  2. we took too much stuff for ourselves
  3. it’s hard to carry all that stuff
  4. pre-boarding rulz

We definitely planned on using more clothes than we actually did. We also planned on LP using more clothes than we did. I think in the future, the best way to vacation is to plan on spending a morning taking in the local culture at a laundromat. Or just doing laundry at the relatives’ place.

In any case, while we were on vacation, I received some terrible news from the neighbor who was watching our place! It seems that asstupid worm soon as we left, the dreaded Horned Tomato Worms decided to begin munching on my beloved tomato plants! I quickly looked up a solution and thankfully our wonderful neighbor went out and got some BT to spray on the plants. The grape tomatoes, which were already looking sad, had most of their leaves stripped but the fruit was mostly intact. The big ones also were afflicted but nothing too bad. Luckily they stayed away from the pepper plants and didn’t really eat them. Upon our return home, I surveyed the damage and saw that it wasn’t as bad as I had expected, as the fruits were still in full force on the plants.

The pumpkins and zucchinis, however, were still being eaten by that stupid bore that I can’t figure out how to get rid of this year. The pumpkin plants have almost completely died off, but the fruit remains on the vine, ripening and turning orange. So far I’ve harvested a few pumpkins, but the rest will be ready soon.

Hot peppers are still hearty, the Thai hots and the Cherry Bombs are coming in great! The Anaheims, Jalapenos and Cayenne are all close, and the Portugals just keep getting bigger, but not darker. Am I supposed to harvest them? I don’t know! All I do know is that I need recipes for hot peppers ASAP!


5 Responses to “Time Flies!”

  1. Travelin' Man without a Travelin' Band Says:

    What a unique vacation planning technique, starting out by doing laundry! You’re going to be a regular Rick Steves/Samantha Brown couple (now isn’t that a match)!

  2. tim Says:

    Not start by doing laundry, but doing laundry half-way through the trip. That way you start with fresh stuff, and then clean everything you’ve worn and have half the clothes to bring. This works well if you are seeing multiple people who won’t see you in the same clothes all the time.

    Incidentally, it mildly bugs me when people don’t say who they are! Show yourself! haha!

  3. Gabor Says:

    It’s just me, schatze! Couldn’t you tell by my crappy DU email? With your high fashion Metrosexual wardrobe, do you ever wear the same thing?

    P.S. My family did the laundromat thing in Jolly Ole England, all the while getting change from a shady convenience store guy that was probably in a Sleeper Cel

  4. tim Says:

    shhhhh I don’t want my blog tagged by The Man!

    And I suspected it was you, Schatze, as like 3 people read this, so my suspect list was small to begin with. And I see you’re watching too much of the Travel Channel?

    PS When do you want to come up? You’re welcome anytime!

  5. the snowshoe Says:

    […] (PS The squash I bought at a farmer’s market and was letting it ripen a bit more) Tomatoes: Definitely will do them again next year, but probably less grape tomatoes with Roma instead. Now that I know about the Horned Tomato Worm, I’m much better prepared for next year. Also, I’ll probably move them down the wall so they’re in the sun more. […]

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