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Sebago Brewing Co. of Portland, Maine August 28, 2006

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As I write this I’m in Maine. I frequently find myself here for work, and I’ve carved out a few places that I enjoy going to whenever I’m in town. When I go to Augusta I frequently find myself ordering from Beale Street BBQ, and they do a very good job of keeping the Q alive in Augusta. I’d talk about them, but that’s another post. They have a location in South Portland, and while I was intending on going, I got hung up here:

Sebago Brewing Co.

Sebago Brewing Company

I had been there briefly on a previous visit, but with them being in the parking lot of my hotel, who was I to disagree with a trip there.

I enjoyed a pint of their Boathouse Brown Ale when I got there, and selected the Chipotle Chicken Salad. Most of the menu was standard pub fare, with their own little add-ons here and there. Being coastal Maine, they were heavy on the seafood, which I liked to see.

I finished the Brown and then tried their Northern Light Ale, which was indeed light, crisp, and refreshing. It almost looked like a lager but was indeed a very good ale!

My salad arrived and it was delicious. Nice & spicy, although as with all salads with grilled chicken I wish there had been more chicken. The jalapenos were a great addition and that brought on the desire to order the Runabout Red Ale. WOW. Delicious! Smooth, full flavor and a great finish to a great experience.

The service was excellent, although it was a slow Sunday afternoon w/only about 20 people in the whole place, so there wasn’t much competition for the bartender’s attention.

I decided to get a pint glass to take home to add to the collection, and they were available, although a little more than most places at $4.

Overall, I would definitely return to Sebago. Great location (stumbling distance) and the beers divine!


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