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Ahoy, tis an audio pier September 20, 2006

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audio pier

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Finally! I have been buying records for years now, but never had a decent record player on which to play them. I had the old 1988 cassette/record player combo, but the sound quality just was never there, plus it was bulky and a pain to set up. I finally attained a Technics SL something or other and with that, we needed a new audio setup in the house. Hence the nice pier from Target!

I had to jimmy up a unique setup for the stereo — I found out that the stereo that we have is not an amplifier — which the record player needs. I could have gone out and bought a pre-amp, but instead I dug out the big old receiver I got from my parents when they moved. So, I ran the record player into the receiver and then, since the receiver doesn’t have any convenient OUT ports (being from 1975 and all), instead of splicing wires I had a jack for the headphones. Long story short, I have the receiver’s OUT as headphones. This runs into the VIDEO IN on the back of the stereo. That negated the VIDEO I had running into the stereo now! The stereo only has one input…sigh. I am going to be moving the receiver into the TV table and running the video into that as a separate IN, so hopefully we will still have that up and running. I do need some longer audio cords, however.

I’m confused by the furniture’s terminology of these things as an audio “pier” — is it really a dock? Is it like a pier in that it’s taller than you expect? I’m searching for their explanation.


2 Responses to “Ahoy, tis an audio pier”

  1. Peer into the pier, Pierre..

  2. Cap'n Bob Says:

    Aaaargh, shiiiver me timbers. I detect a nautical theme! I think it be the Navy in your genes. OH MIGOD TIM I GOT SO MUCH VINYL CAN I COME OVER AND PLAY IT ON YOUR PLAYER, AND WE CAN GO TO HARVARD’S. ‘Thuh Missus’ and I are still wrestling with finding a date to visit you, before LC turns 18!!

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