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Can’t get the TMX Elmo? This is the next hot thing. September 25, 2006

Filed under: Unique Gift Ideas — tim @ 5:47 am

JC Penney has banked their buck on the Carol Channing Ventriloqist’s Doll being the hottest toy this season. I can’t imagine any child crying their eyes out when they open their gifts and find this under their tree. Because every child wants to play with a Carol Channing dummy that they can work into their routine as a 1920’s ventriloquist! Bear in mind that all the people who find ventriloquism funny are dead, and that vaudeville routines ain’t coming back anytime soon. I’ve got my ear fairly close to the hipster ground and I haven’t picked up any buzz on this hot new trend.

JCP also has this available for other famous dummies, like Charlie McCarthy, Howdy Doody, and more! I’d post them, but they’re only in JCP’s (Bad) Idea Book and not willing to put them online and for good reason. Collect them all, and then collect massive amounts of anger (not to mention the bills from future therapy sessions) from your child when they bring this to show-and-tell on January 2nd.

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5 Responses to “Can’t get the TMX Elmo? This is the next hot thing.”

  1. Pol Says:

    also,in spain is not the TMX Elmo but… the TMX Ernie! and it’s in all stores xD

  2. Lu Says:

    …Are you kidding me? Is this actually for real?

    I have got to start getting the JC Penney catalogue.

  3. the baker's wife Says:

    Oh no–the surprise is ruined! We were going to get them for everyone in the family and have a Carol Channing army.

  4. tim Says:

    can y’all see the picture of IT in the post? Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.

  5. Lu Says:

    I can see it. It’s terrifying.

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