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Let’s Chew The Cud October 3, 2006

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what did one cow say to the udder

Originally uploaded by bakebakebake.

Today LP and I took a walk up the road, and the views are amazing. As you can see, we saw some cows. LP was enthralled with them, and that just goes to show how engaged she’s become with her surroundings in the last few weeks. We went to see Built To Spill last night — a great show, and our first “outing” without a baby around! It was slightly nerve-wracking and we both couldn’t concentrate on the show because we were both wondering what she was up to and if she was keeping her hosts up too late…but the report was good, she had a little bout of fussiness but nothing too serious. Our friends enjoyed watching her because they already have a 1 1/2 year old with another due in March, so it was good practice for them.

I also stopped off at Music Matters in W Leb and picked up this:

johnny cash on a tractor w/kids

The Johnny Cash Children’s Album but we have not yet had a chance to listen to it. What we did listen to was the new Ratatat, and it is some great stuff.

I was also able to go to Radio Shack and get the required cables for my 4-track, so I’ve been doing drum machine/casiotone mixes with some pretty cool results. I’ll post them as they develop.


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