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Fall Perfection October 7, 2006

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sunny day in the UV

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Today was a quintessential New England fall day. The leaves were bursting with color, the breeze was crisp, and leaf peepers were underfoot. We decided to go apple picking at Riverview Farm, the same place I got the blueberries a few weeks back. Those have frozen wonderfully and I remembered all the apples they had, so we decided to spend the afternoon outside, soaking it all in.

We found the apple orchard to be PACKED with people with cars bearing license plates of every origin — New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, I believe I even saw a Tennessee plate. Most people brought their kids and let them loose into the orchards. While LP fed and had her diaper changed by my loving and caring wife, I picked a pint of raspberries, as their season is almost over. We headed up the hill and into the orchard!

Inside, some apples had already passed their seasons, like the Honeycrisps and Ginger Golds, so I was a bit disappointed because I was really looking forward to those! We managed to find 2 Honeycrisps that looked good, but mostly stocked up on Empire, Hampshire, and Cortlands.


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