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I cannot wait to try this recipe October 13, 2006

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I have all these habaneros, and I have no idea what to do with them. This is what I’m going to try, if only I could get some canning supplies (which I want to be able to use for pickled jalapenos):

Pineapple Habanero Jam

via Chowhound

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3 Responses to “I cannot wait to try this recipe”

  1. the baker's wife Says:

    OK FINE you can get some canning supplies! Pepper jelly is awesome as an appetizer when dumped on top of a brick of cream cheese and set out with crackers.

  2. tim Says:


  3. […] I finally got around to jamming and canning. Once I got all the gear I needed at Dan & Whit’s in Norwich, I was good to go. I washed everything and then sterilized it in the giant pot of water, then turned my attention to the jam. I told you all I was going to make Pineapple Habenero Jam, but you didn’t believe me! The jam was fairly easy, and even though I didn’t follow all the directions exactly (I didn’t process everything in a blender, I diced it by hand), I think it’ll come out great. I didn’t know how many jars I’d be able to fill, but I thought it’d be about 7. Turns out I filled 9 easily — the other 2 jars I simply filled and refrigerated. The other 7 (that’s how many I sterilized and that’s how many can fit in the pot at once) were filled and then canned using the good ol’ water bath method. They sealed right up after 10 minutes and once they cooled I moved them into storage. They aren’t as “jam-like” as I’d like them to be, they’re rather gooey and more jelly-like, but that’s ok. They’ll make a great smear for chicken or pork, not to mention a great topper to mix with cream cheese! The ones we tried from the fridge today was great — I think the other sealed ones will solidify with time. I am very excited and I will be making more things to can very soon! […]

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