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Fresh Herbs and How To Cook With Them October 16, 2006

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This summer, we had so many herbs that I have to admit, we didn’t do anything with. Sure, we had a “baby” that occupied a great deal of our time (and justifiably so) — but these easy-to-grow herbs, I have let them down. One of our basil plants is totally dead from frost damage, as are a few others. I did bring the parsley/chives box in but they need to be pruned and used soon. We could have been drying these, we could have been using these, but instead, the cilantro was a bust and the dill just died on me. The catnip even just instantly shut down and died within a matter of hours; it was tragic. Luckily, we still have mint — a lot of it. And now I am trying to figure out how I can salvage this last bit of summer freshness for the rest of the year. I suspect that most of it will get frozen and ultimately end up in either tea or ice cream. I’d like to make some Jalapeno Mint Jelly as well.

I’m sure glad I found the Rural Agriculture Development Authority for Jamaica — their website has a vast array of information on all sorts of culinary herbs and the best ways to use them. Hooray Jamaica!


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3 Responses to “Fresh Herbs and How To Cook With Them”

  1. Lu Says:

    My basil and parsley plants have been looking at me puzzlingly for the last few days ever since I had to bring them in from the cold. I definitely haven’t utilized them as much as I could have over the summer, but I’m hoping to keep them alive over the winter!

  2. Maryanne Says:

    Hmmm. Herbs… Jamaica? Your father and I do not approve of your lifestyle…

  3. Gabor Says:

    P.S. I hope my collective comments are worth a laugh….. Don’t hate me for defacing your blog or anything. How was the Sim-po-zium (said like “Jon-a-thin Zihhn”)? H, I never realized you had all these mad props in journal articles. You’re a biochem celeb.

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