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Gruntin’ Along October 25, 2006

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blueberry grunt

Originally uploaded by bakebakebake.

So I am going to the uvScene potluck tonight and decided to make something delicious. I used my awesome baking skillz and combined them with the power of local blueberries as well as a little bit of New England culinary power and VOILA — the Blueberry Grunt.

Grunts are traditionally made completely on the stove top like chicken and dumplings, but this recipe (adapted from AB’s Black berry Grunt recipe, needed a little bit of browning on the top. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks good! Yum-o!


7 Responses to “Gruntin’ Along”

  1. Lu Says:

    It looks delicious. What is the uvScene?

    I made an apple pie last night. My pie crust was successful even though I realized – right when I was balling up the dough on the counter top – that Rebecca had taken our rolling pin. So i just kind of patted the dough out flat and used the side of a pot to roll it out thin.

    Whatever. It worked!

  2. tim Says:

    the uvScene is a local group that organizes the cultural happenings for the area…check the website and see what I mean. It’s cool!

    Also, you can always use the poor man’s rolling pin: a wine bottle

  3. the baker's wife Says:

    The grunt was delicious! (I got to scoop out a bit before he took it to the potluck.) The best part was that it turned our teeth dark. We looked like hillbillies!

  4. Lu Says:

    A wine bottle!!!!! My ingenuity was lost on me last night. I have tons of wine bottles lying around.

  5. tim Says:

    your ingenuity must have been lost in one of those bottles of wine LOL

  6. finn Says:

    The grunt was delicious. I had forgotten about AB’s grunt recipe. Have you tried Cook’s master recipe? I’m tempted to experiment a little with the biscuit texture but your grunt was right on for flavor. 😉

    — fellow ‘scenster

  7. tim Says:


    I haven’t tried the Cook’s master recipe, but I’m game for anything. This was my first attempt at drop biscuits in a grunt/dumpling style so I still have to practice.

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