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The Communist Manifesto, animated November 15, 2006

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Someone mashed up a whole bunch of old cartoons showing the reading of the Communist Manifesto. Awesome.

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One Response to “The Communist Manifesto, animated”

  1. nonsequitur Says:

    Awesome video indeed… I wonder how long it took the person who compiled and synched it to complete this project… and how many different cartoons did he/she have to take clips from? Without a doubt, a labor of love. As a child, in the environment I was raised in (conservative) any references to the Communist Manifesto which I overheard treated it like it was some sort of horrible, satanic, subversive literature. Now that I am older and have read some of it myself…. I find many parts of it to be quite sensible, though a bit impractical considering the current state of human nature. I was just writing in a board post that I once heard a good quote, “Karl Marx had the right idea, but the wrong species.”

    Lovely blog as always and do keep on keeping on 🙂

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