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More updates needed November 20, 2006

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 I just looked at the calendar on my blog over there —> and realized that I need to update this thing more often. All apologies, but I’m sure I’ll be baking and cooking a lot this month for the upcoming holidays.

We’ve started a bowling club in the uv, it’s been pretty popular and a great way for people to be social and come together. I’m glad this has taken off as it has and I look forward to the fun times ahead. The uvScene has really come alive with the introduction of the uvMeet!

Tonight I’ll be getting some persimmon pulp and I am going to attempt to make a persimmon jam out of them. I cannot WAIT to try. I’m also going to attempt some watermelon jam as there’s some watermelon left in the freezer that needs to be used. Ideally I’d love to have some sort of market for this venture, but for now I’m just making some for my family and friends. Still, it’s exciting.

Thanksgiving is rapidly decending upon us and it looks like LP may actually eat some solid foods at the table! We’ll see how that goes, because she’s just now getting used to what a spoon looks like. She does like to gnaw on her spoon, though. In other news, I’ve been trying to get LP to take better naps in the daytime; she seems to not want to sleep in her crib. I don’t blame her, it’s a pretty boring place. But we’re establishing a bedtime routine and I’m following all the tricks of the trade; shushing, swaddling, rocking, singing, humming, but nothing will prepare her for laying in her crib alone. Any advice?


One Response to “More updates needed”

  1. Lu Says:

    I don’t have any baby advice.

    Bring some of that jam with you to Virginia! I want to try some!

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