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Professional Lifehacker December 13, 2006

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I’m a fan of the blog Lifehacker, which has great little tips and tricks for streamlining your life. How many of those I actually complete and follow through on…that’s another story. I get their stream in my RSS feed reader and often times I learn something new every day. The comments are invite-only, but you can get one by submitting a comment and having it be approved. This week, I did just that and now I am an official commenter. I submitted my advice for how to pull an all-nighter. Seeing as how I am a professional at this and all, and most of my shifts are done after I’ve been up all night, this is something I can say that I am an expert in. So hooray! I can comment on a website. Go me.


PS I still haven’t done much Xmas shopping — crap!

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One Response to “Professional Lifehacker”

  1. Lu Says:

    You better go buy me a Christmas present!

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