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American Idol RETURNS! January 25, 2007

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and so does this blog. Ha, hello, and welcome. I know I said I’d blog more this year, but my time has been mostly consumed because LP has decided to crawl EVERYWHERE requiring my non-stop attention, and she’s also pulling herself up on everything she can. She’s going to be a climber, let me tell you.

We’re glad that Idol is back, because it’s been a great crop of entitled brats who think they are the best of the best when in reality, they suck pretty badly. This is what happens when no one has the guts to criticize these kids in the past — they grow up thinking they are SuperStars and should be recognized by the world as such. Luckily, not everyone is like that, but still.

Most of my time these days is also spent working on Zelda; it is an amazing game and while I’m close to completing it, it’s non-stop fun. I’d play it again if it wouldn’t consume all of my time. In my other spare time I’m working on the uvScene; we’re overhauling our entire site. So that’s going to take a while, but we’re switching over to WordPress from blogger and we’re soooo much happier with it.

That’s the latest — more soon I promise!


3 Responses to “American Idol RETURNS!”

  1. Lu Says:

    This girl I knew in college tried out for Idol in New York. Alas, she didn’t make it to the judges.

  2. Nate Briggs Says:

    I tried out, but my nose poked Paula in the eye….

  3. Karen Says:

    I’m just hoping you experienced Eccentric the Panther.

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