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I’m gonna change up my style just to fit in June 14, 2007

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So nothing’s been happening on here. At all. That’s not to say that nothin’s happening in life; on the contrary. Too much stuff = not enough time for this.

Sooooo……I’m moving a bulk of what I’m actually thinking over to because it’s all about the stream-of-consciousness thinking. That way, you can also see the things I’m reading on the feed reader (google reader, which, if you don’t already use, you should). You can add the tumblr to your RSS feed reader and get updates on the fly. This will incorporate both my thoughts and things I find interesting from around teh web.

Cool? cool.

Edit: I are dumb. My tumblr is located at

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3 Responses to “I’m gonna change up my style just to fit in”

  1. jetskiaccidents Says:

    Wait, so where is your tumblr?

    (also, I kind of hate all these new stream of consciousness things, twitter and whatever. Can’t we keep our ramblings in one place?! We don’t all need 80 different blogs to update! Only 4. No more than 4.)

    (erica, by the way)

  2. tim Says:

    I agree — I think twitter is kind of annoying and not as fun to do.

    12:34am: brushing my teeth
    12:36am: flossing
    12:39am: walking down the stairs

    Seriously? People don’t need that. Well, I wasn’t all hyped on another service until I saw that it’s a merge of my feed shares and blogging. I’ll still write longer things here, but they will be decreasing in frequency. This is good for quick updates like “The dude at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru has the most bad-ass prison-style homemade Iron Maiden tattoo.”

    Technology! It overwhelms and impresses me at the same time.

  3. Gabor Says:

    Your latest iteration of net presence looks great! Sorry we missed your LPs B-day… I get so wrapped up in school crap that sometimes I don’t even know what day of the week it is!

    I have given your new page the RSS link it deserves, right next to the old one.

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