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Garden 2007 is here, baby June 17, 2007

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Well, I finally got some time to get things planted in the garden. I didn’t want to go bigger than last year, but I ended up having to get 5 more pots because I didn’t want to crowd anything like last year. Here’s my mistakes from last year:

  • overcrowding (4 grape tomato plants in one pot, 4 big pepper plants in a medium pot)
  • no tomato stakes — sticks & twine don’t work
  • not spraying for tomato worms
  • not catching the things that ate the zukes

So far, I didn’t have much luck sprouting anything except a few pumpkins and squash — none of the zukes or one of the other kind of squash came up. I planted the pumpkins and whichever squash this is — I honestly have no idea. Butternut? Buttercup? Acorn? We’ll see.

I bought a bunch of plants at Longacres in Lebanon:


  • Better Boy tomatoes (6) — planted 3 in their own M size pot, and 3 in a L pot
  • Olive (Grape) tomatoes (4) — 2 in a large pot, 2 in a hanging basket. This will be an interesting competition.
  • Roma (4), 2 to a large pot (New this year!)
  • Peppers:
    • Habenero (same pot as last year — tiny)
    • Cherry Bomb & Banana (NEW) (sharing a M pot)
    • Thai hots and Cayenne (each in their own S pot)
    • purple bell peppers, planted 2 to a tire, as seen above (NEW).
  • Herbs:
    • peppermint
    • basil (4) — it looked really fresh so I’m hoping to get a good crop from this
    • Cilantro (4) — try this again this year
    • Chives & Parsley are STILL going strong — using the same plants that survived all winter indoors
  • Lettuce: I have 6 mesculin mix plants in 2 pots on the stoop. I am eager to see if I can grow our own salad!
  • I also planted cukes, zukes and radish seeds in the ground to see what would happen. The radishes have already poked through, and it’s only been 4 days. They should be ready in about 3-4 weeks.

    So, it’ll be a productive and busy season in the garden again, but hopefully I learned enough from last year (like, get tomato cages on early — check) that this year’s will be more rewarding.

    Photos at flickr.

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    3 Responses to “Garden 2007 is here, baby”

    1. God, I’m jealous. I want a garden. And a yard. (Also, plants in tires are adorable.)

    2. How well do those tire boxes work?

    3. tim Says:

      The tires are working so far, so good. It’s pretty common around here to use old tires for raised beds — there’s a farm near our house that has a whole bunch out in the front, stacked double high.

      Once we get a real house that we actually own, I can actually rip up the lawn and put in a garden.

      There’s also nothing stopping you from having a patio/deck garden — do you have a patio/deck/porch? Most of my stuff is in pots — hanging baskets work well also, so it’s even possible to just stick it out the window.

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