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Week-end Update June 24, 2007

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There’s so much! Where to begin? Garden is going, work is work, and kids is kids.

Been very busy between work, school, and the lil one. She definitely keeps me busy!

How about the wrap-up:


  • 90% of things are taking well. The peppers are fine (with some little peppers already), the herbs are all very healthy (and a very delicious addition to many dishes, especially breakfast). The seeds I planted are doing pretty good, although some bugs are eating them so I’ve been looking up methods to kill them. I think wood ash (which I have plenty of) and/or vinegar sprayed on the plants will get rid of the bugs.
  • The lettuce is surprising me. I wasn’t sure on it when I planted them, but it has turned out to have some really strong leaves. We should be eating some salad from them this week, and within a month, be able to pick about 3 times a week.
  • The tomatoes are 50/50. Two of the better boys are doing great — these are the ones that got fresh, new soil in new pots. The one that’s in a pot from last year with old soil is by far much weaker. The three that are together are doing okay, but not as good as the two on their own. The Roma tomatoes look kind of weak — again, in soil from last year — and the olive tomatoes that are in a pot are iffy. The olive tomatoes in a hanging basket are doing well. I think I’ll probably remedy this with a lot of Miracle Gro on the old soil plants to allow them some additional nutrients.
  • The flowers are doing wonderfully. The marigolds are just blooming and the petunias are still going strong.


  • I went to Portland, ME on Tuesday and Augusta on Wednesday. Luckily I can just stay up there, but it still sucks. Being away from home sucks, I miss Lidz.
  • It’s the end of the quarter, which means I’m behind on calibrations as always. Not a big deal, but I found out that next quarter, I have to actually go along with the quarter calendar and not by the month. Boo-urns.
  • I still have 6 bakers to see by the end of the week. Will it happen? No way! Not with a Wilco concert on Friday and a wedding on Saturday. Hoodoggie no way.


  • When I was six years old, I had my pictures taken at Olan Mills. Never in a million years would I imagine that someday, I’d take my own child to do the same. Today we took Lidz to get her 1 year professional pics taken. She did okay, but she was more interested in trying not to stand and trying to get the camera than she was in smiling. She did smile big on a few, but had a much more serious look on most of them, which is puzzling since that’s not how she acts normally.
  • Saturday night was the 2nd meeting of the Upper Valley Wine Tasting Club, which is really more of an excuse to have some people get together and drink and try out some wines. I think it serves a great purpose because everyone gets to try something different and take notes as to what they like so they can make better selections in the future, and the socializing is great. We had an awesome time at our friends’ house, and there were about 12-14 people there. Good turnout! I think we’ll try to have the next one at our place.
  • School is school; I had the mythology class on Saturday and we watched Bill Moyers interview Joseph Campbell, as predicted. Onda was not mentioned.

So that’s pretty much what’s been going on. The tent stayed up until just the other day, because every time it would dry out, it would rain again and then we’d need it to dry out. Finally, on Thursday it blew away and ended up in the neighbor’s yard, so I dragged it back and finally got it dried out this afternoon after having it hanging in the garage for 3 days.

We wanted to go out to dinner tonight since Lidz was all dressed up, but instead we went to the market down the street and got some chicken sausages and pork chops and we grilled. We made a delicious dijon sauce for the pork:

1/4 c dijon mustard

1 Tbsp molasses

2 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1/2 tsp cayenne

few dashes of Tabasco

That’s it! Blend, brush on the pork (which you’ve salted), and grill. They came out delicious. We also grilled corn, which Lidz loved. I still need to get another grill grate as we’re down to one since the other one rusted and the “universal” grids don’t fit. Son of a…..! Lidz also finished off the blueberry ice cream from her birthday, she wanted more and more and more.

Wilco on Friday!!

I still hate ants.


3 Responses to “Week-end Update”

  1. Craig Hotchkiss Says:

    No Anda!!! But at least he talked about STAR WARS!!! Tiiiiiimmmmmmmmmm it’s so deeeep, it’s all about mythology. Ever wonder why we had to read that crap? The mongols were pretty indistinguishable. I should have taken another class with the BoJoMoFo instead of Ancient!!!! except it helps on Jeopardy.

  2. tim Says:

    Dude, if he ever googles his name and finds this, I’m gonna git you. By the way, Barone is looking for you.

    I wonder why we had to read that crap in high school because it’s all grad-level stuff. Obviously he once met Joseph Campbell or read his stuff or something.

    omg, I just realized that last week was my senior year of high school all over again: Joseph Campbell in one class and a week-long look at the Beatles in another. OMG.

  3. Lu Says:

    I had to read Joseph Campbell in high school too. I HATED it.

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