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Shoe Love June 28, 2007

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There’s no love like shoe love. And I LOVE these shoes.

I got a gift certificate for Father’s Day from my mom & dad to LL Bean, and these were at the top of my list after seeing my sister Luis wearing a pair.

shoezThe summer heat beats down upon your brow as you head back to the cottage after a long day of foraging for shells and sea urchins along the rocky Maine seashore. Sweat trickles down your neck, tickling the small of your back. The office is a million miles away as you take a whiff of the briny smell of the ocean, reminding you of clambakes and lobsterfests in the waning evenings of your youth. You can’t wait to get back to shore, kick back in an Adirondack chair and feel the salty wood splinter into your backside as you pop the top on a frosty beer you picked up at the local market. The late afternoon sun is sheer torture on your sunburned arms and legs, but your feet are being carried by the four winds themselves as you bound back up the rocks in your LL Bean Summer Sneakers. Breathable, ultra-lightweight and impeccably stylish, your summer days are captured in the soles of these shoes — but not your sweat. You wince as she places a wispy hand upon your blistered shoulder. “You look hot — are you alright?” she asks. “Never been better,” you reply. “I’m walking on air.”

The Summer Sneaker from LL Bean. Priced right at $34.50 for men, $29.50 for women.

Okay, but seriously, these shoes are amazing. Easy on/easy off, ready to wear without socks (and I hate wearing shoes without socks, even ankle socks bug me), these things are so comfortable.


3 Responses to “Shoe Love”

  1. J Peterman Says:

    Don’t forget your Urban Sombrero!!

  2. the baker's wife Says:

    I got myself some summer sneakers in the girly Mary Jane style. Love them. I normally only wear sandals in the summer (Keens if I need more toe protection), and never ever wear closed shoes w/o socks, but these summer sneakers are airy enough to keep my size 10s cool.

    Word to the wise: they’re not so hot for walking on dirt/gravelly roads. Those little holes on the bottom that keep your feet aerated? They’re also great at letting in dirt and grit. But what can ya do.

  3. Lu Says:

    I love those shoes. In fact I wore them last night.

    Don’t wear them in the rain.

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