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w00t-off yields big dividends July 19, 2007

Filed under: housekeeping,shopping — tim @ 1:18 pm

Woot is a great place to score some amazing deals on electronics as well as some oddities. It’s one item per day, launched at 1am EST, and they sell it till it’s out of stock. Today, they are having another woot-off, meaning they just keep selling things, one at a time, until that thing is gone and then it’s onto the next item. You can get some pretty nice deals out of this if you read up on reviews and know your prices beforehand.

That being said, this morning they offered something we’ve been wanting for a while: A Roomba! I always thought them to be frivolous or a novelty, but once we had a kid and I find myself picking Cheerios and vegetables off the floor on a regular basis…I was sold on the notion of having something keep the house clean automatically. The house should now have nice clean floors on a regular basis. I think this will also get me in the habit of picking up regularly so the Roomba (name TBD) can do its thing.

I think we got a good deal on this gizmo and with kids, I think it will free up time for us to do kid-things. Isn’t that what technology is supposed to do? Make our lives easier? We’ll see — this will be an interesting experiment w/a baby and a cat.


3 Responses to “w00t-off yields big dividends”

  1. […] July 19, 2007 Filed under: Online Life, shopping — pinkadillies @ 1:04 pm Thanks to THIS BLOG I found out today is WOOT OFF day!! I loooooooooooove woot […]

  2. pinkadillies Says:

    THANK YOU! I would have missed it without your post! WHEEEEE – off to woot!

  3. tim Says:

    No problem! the refresh button on my browser is getting worn out from wooting.

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