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Roomba Report #1 July 30, 2007

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Roomba Trapped

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Well, we’ve had the Roomba for a little under a week, and the preliminary verdict is in: I love it. H was impressed with the amount of stuff it picked up in the first 3 days alone! She also thinks I love it too much, saying it has replaced my daughter. Pfft, whatever! Now it’s way more fun to vacuum, because I don’t have to do it! Genius!

This one has a scheduler so we can schedule it for the middle of the night, when we’re out, etc. This has been great — the house gets clean every day and with a little one learning to eat, the Roomba is almost as good as a dog. It flows seamlessly from linoleum to carpet, and picks up large amounts of dirt every single time.

There are some downsides, but not major enough to make me send it back. The roomba gets trapped on various objects from time to time, and you have to make sure the room has no loose rugs/mats or cords/wires hanging down. Twice we’ve been out, having scheduled the Roomba to do its thing while we’re gone, and twice we’ve come home only to find it helplessly trapped up on a kitchen rug. So we just start it up again and let it finish. The fact that I have to make sure the floor is clear everyday is also a minor inconvenience, but in a way, I like it because it forces me to pick up things on a daily basis and prevents clutter.

Overall, it’s awesome. I recommend everyone get one. Actually, in the future everyone WILL have one! It doesn’t replace our stand-up model for now because it can’t get all the crevices and corners as well as a hose attachment can, and sometimes it just misses things. But all in all, it’s a great invention that really gives me a huge peace of mind. I Knowing that the floors are clean all the time? Awesome. I can’t wait to see what the future will be like.


3 Responses to “Roomba Report #1”

  1. amy Says:

    What’s happens when the Roomba gets trapped? Does it shut itself off? Will it accidentally drive off a flight of stairs?

    I keep thinking of the Arrested Development episode where the Roomba drives up to Buster and beeps. Buster says, “Oh, you’re hungry” and feeds it a cheetos.

  2. tim Says:

    it DOESN’T get trapped! That’s the beauty of it! Well, this morning it got trapped in the bathroom because normally, the door is open so it can get the floor. Apparently it somehow knocked the door enough so it closed the door on itself.

    Actually, yeah, when it gets stuck, it sings a little song and then beeps before it shuts itself off.

  3. Gabor Says:

    The solid state will never replace the vacuum tubes!!! By ca. 1990 A.D. the computing engine will be the size of a shipping container and cars will fly!!

    We freakin lost our laptop HD, so I had to bring out the brand-old 1999 HP Brio (with the CD-RW from TDK, as $500 was too much for the factory installed option). So I had to resubscribe to the RSS links — looks like I’ve missed a lot…. 😦

    I should try to mod one to clean up after the turtles!!

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