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gardenin’ once again August 11, 2007

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seems like all I do on here is post about the garden. I need to schedule my time better and focus, man, focus!


  • yellow squash are taking off — we’ve picked 3-4 so far and have about 8 or 9 lined up to go.
  • Purple Peppers finally are starting to flower and grow little peppers. Whatever was devouring them is gone now, so they have had time to recover. The tires are doing well.
  • Cherry tomatoes in the hanging basket are coming in first — probably because of all the sun and their small size.
  • Banana and cherry bomb peppers are coming in slowly but surely, picked a few of each so far.
  • tomatoes are doing okay. The grape tomatoes are going, but not as well as last year. The Roma tomatoes are really doing well in spots, and the Burpees are getting huge.
  • Cayennes and Thai hot peppers are developing nicely.
  • the basil has been very productive all season
  • same with the lettuce
  • the herb box is still going strong!
  • I have two pumpkins so far, and they’re already pretty big!


  • some of the tomato plants are continuing with the wilt. Nothing major and nothing fast — but slow and steady. I will have to dust again.
  • a handful of the Roma are developing a blossom rot or something on the bottoms of them — mostly these are on the innermost tomatoes, so I can only hope that it’s because they get very little sun and retain a lot of moisture. (looks like it’s blossom-end rot — which can be solved by adding calcium to the soil)
  • we accidentally let our cilantro and basil get sunburned during last week’s “heat wave” — they got very brown in spots and something’s been eating the basil. The cilantro still will not grow correctly no matter how much nipping of blossoms I do.
  • there are still squash bugs eating the squash and pumpkins, although it’s not as bad as last year. I still throw away about 1-2 yellow squash a week because of rotting on the ends.
  • I have one cucumber plant, which finally has  few blossoms. I am not holding my breath on these.
  • I have one zucchini plant, which has yet to produce even as much as one small stump of a zuke, but it’s healthy and strong. I just waited way too long to plant it.
  • I planted the radishes too close together, and while some are developing OK, they have taken waaaaaaaaaaaay longer than they had been predicted to take. 21 days, my butt.
  •  something’s eating the sweet potato leaves. I don’t know what, but something is.
  • The habanero looks like it’s drying up despite an adequate amount of water.

Next year we will hopefully be in our own house and have room for a real garden. My dream is to have a greenhouse built off the side of the basement and protruding halfway up the first floor, so I can really start growing things early on. I’d also love to have a root cellar & wine cellar underneath the kitchen, with access from a trap door in the kitchen floor. I looked up how to build a root cellar this week, and I think it’s definitely doable.

How to build a root cellar:

  • Step one: dig hole
  • Step two: cover

That’s it! Well, almost. 🙂

H and I have been talking about what house we’re looking for — the market is certainly going to be in our favor this fall/winter, so I look forward to being able to find a house that we like in a much lower price range than it was even a year ago. More bang for our buck, you know.


One Response to “gardenin’ once again”

  1. Lu Says:

    If you build a trap door in your kitchen I will be so excited.

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