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is this still on? May 27, 2008

Filed under: garden — tim @ 2:37 am

really? I still have this? Awesome.

the new house has the new garden, and today I tilled it up w/my new-to-me rototiller. I now have severely beaten hands; ouch.

I’ve got 24 tomato plants in the ground, and 6 broccoli as well. We had chives pop up from nowhere, and today I figured out what the other plant was: celery! We had no idea what it was but today I picked some and the scent was unmistakable.

I also have one jalapeno; I will most likely not be doing many hot peppers since I never use them, but with all of these tomatoes I just might have to grow some in order to make some salsa. Too bad I can’t grow cilantro for the life of me; otherwise I’d be all set.

Anyone have any luck with cilantro? Anyone out there? 🙂


2 Responses to “is this still on?”

  1. scully Says:

    Cilantro does grow quickly and usually well before the rest of the salsa ingredients are done. The tips in this article are very good.

    The great thing about reading friend’s websites via RSS feed is you can be patient with their update schedules. You are easily forgiven because you and your lovely other half have been busy.

  2. scully Says:

    On preview I saw the banner image with the tomato hornworm. We had them for the first time a few summers ago. From what I have heard they only recently made it this far north. Stupid global warming.

    But, I read about a woman who trained her dogs to eat them and then let the dogs in the garden to do the hard and dirty work.

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