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I’m Crafty January 3, 2007

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Altoids Tin Bluetooth Headpiece Holder

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…I get around. This week has been spent going around the house, cleaning, picking up, organizing, throwing away, freecycling (oh yeah, gotta list some things), as well as playing with the Lil Pumpkin and playing with the Wii. In throwing things out, we said goodbye to the old 2006 calendars and hello to some nice new 2007 ones. I’ve been saving this Altoids tin for a while now, knowing that I’m “going to do something with it someday” and that day came on Monday. I spent about 30 minutes cutting up an old weather calendar and gluesticking on all sorts of little pictures and crops onto it.

I then used Mod Podge to give it a final gloss and to seal it all up. What is it for, you ask? It’s a carrying case for my phone headset. I wasn’t about to spend $20 on a little velvet bag when I could have a shatter-proof one custom made for free. I glued some foam on the inside, slapped a business card on the inside lid to identify it, and it was dried and ready overnight. Link to more photos.
I loved doing this, probably more than I should. Helina asked me how I could make a living doing decoupage, and I said, “well, I could just decoupage everything.” Which is true, really. I could, and I would love it. I’ll look into this as a good hobby and see if anything garners selling. Ha!

In the meantime, send me your Altoids tins! Seriously.