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I’m gonna change up my style just to fit in June 14, 2007

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So nothing’s been happening on here. At all. That’s not to say that nothin’s happening in life; on the contrary. Too much stuff = not enough time for this.

Sooooo……I’m moving a bulk of what I’m actually thinking over to because it’s all about the stream-of-consciousness thinking. That way, you can also see the things I’m reading on the feed reader (google reader, which, if you don’t already use, you should). You can add the tumblr to your RSS feed reader and get updates on the fly. This will incorporate both my thoughts and things I find interesting from around teh web.

Cool? cool.

Edit: I are dumb. My tumblr is located at

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Professional Lifehacker December 13, 2006

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I’m a fan of the blog Lifehacker, which has great little tips and tricks for streamlining your life. How many of those I actually complete and follow through on…that’s another story. I get their stream in my RSS feed reader and often times I learn something new every day. The comments are invite-only, but you can get one by submitting a comment and having it be approved. This week, I did just that and now I am an official commenter. I submitted my advice for how to pull an all-nighter. Seeing as how I am a professional at this and all, and most of my shifts are done after I’ve been up all night, this is something I can say that I am an expert in. So hooray! I can comment on a website. Go me.


PS I still haven’t done much Xmas shopping — crap!

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Family Guy Clip Time: An old one, but one of the classics. October 12, 2006

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So all this talk about YouTube in the news this week, it’s funny how fast that thing took off. But it’s a great concept that will completely make money: who doesn’t want to be on television? And besides, there’s no other way I can easily say, “I want to listen to a little bit of the Four Peters” and BAM!

The Four Peters, ladies and gentlemen. The Four Peters.

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Metapost: what’s that about October 10, 2006

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is that blog-speak for “talk amongst yourselves”? When you have nothing to blog about, but want to maintain readership?

Here’s a topic: apples are tasty. Share a good apple recipe — I need lots. Go!

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new look, new title, new info… July 25, 2006

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…and one other thing…hmm…what was it again? Oh yes, new baby! She was born on June 10 and came out healthy (8lb 9oz, 21″) and is doing just great. She is certainly a wonder to behold! Right now she’s about six weeks old and is already holding up her head and looking around, grasping whatever she can get her little paws on. For now, we’ll call her Lil Pumpkin, or P for short. 😉 She certainly is a cute little pumpkin!

This blog is going to do a slight shift of gears and maintain gain focus as I attempt to corral the topics of entries into This Life Domestic I’ve been given. I find myself having a passion for growing things: children, vegetables, fruits (tomatoes are fruits?), bread, and a sense of wonder and amazement at the out-of-doors. I look forward to sharing my experiences through good and bad with these obstacles and achievements, be it a good crop of zucchini or the cursed wasp’s nest that I have to get down from the eves of the house.

So on that note, I will be attempting to update daily, which I realize is a daunting task with work, school, and parenting, but I am determined this time. I will be uploading photos through and showing off the results of my growing abilities! Check out the flickr feed in the sidebar, if you like what you see you can join up, get an account and see more!