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This is only a testament to my window-cleaning ability March 23, 2006

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Yesterday morning as I was reading the paper and enjoying my coffee, I heard a loud THUD against our window. I had just replaced all the birdseed in all the feeders on Tuesday, and sure enough, a bird had crashed into our living room window. And there, in the thicket, lay the stunned woodpecker:

woodpecker, woodpecker

He eventually gathered his senses and flew off, unharmed.

More pics, plus pics of all the birds that were in the trees the other morning. Thousands upon thousands of them.



cardinal law March 8, 2006

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cardinal law
This is a shot of the cardinals I saw this morning. I’m pretty excited as cardinals aren’t always that common and they stand out quite boldly against the drab winter landscape. There’s a male (red) and a female (brown) in this picture. Hopefully they come back!


in search of a name…

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someone who is not me who is enjoying snowshoeing. I hate these people.I originally called this blog “snowshoe” in honor of a hobby of mine that I have not been able to adequately do in the last two years due to the lack of snow. Living in Vermont presumes a few things: liberal politicians, cranky old New Englanders, damn hippies, maple syrup and snow. But there has not been adequate snowfall in our area the last two seasons to actually be able to go out and snowshoe. We got one storm this year with more than a foot of snow, and it was all light and powdery stuff that melted within 3 days.

In anycase, I’m keeping the page but renaming the blog (for the time being) to breadshack. If this is stupid, let me know, fellow bloggers!

In awesome news, I saw the first cardinal today! We had a few at our old house but none here so far at the new house. I’m very glad as they provide quite a bit of color to what is otherwise a drab and dreary winter.

As you can see, I’ve been adding some links and some pages to the top, I will update these and build these further as the days wind on.