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Some Revelations August 24, 2007

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I learned a few things this week. Two things about my garden:

1. Purple peppers are not growing NEARLY as big as they should be

2. I have not had any zucchini because what I thought was zucchini is really acorn squash! That explains A LOT.

One thing about school:

3. Pop Culture In America, a class I was lined up to take this fall, had a reading list a mile long and what appeared to be zero focus on any non-book cultural reference. I would have had to read Da Vinci Code, Sisterhood of the Ya-Ya-Travel Pants, Harry Potter and the First Book In The Series, and The Crappy Notebook. Whatever! There wasn’t even a graphic novel in the reading list. I don’t know how you can seriously discuss popular culture without even talking about comics. So instead, I signed up for a class on Genesis and also Myth and the Modern Age, which is almost entirely based on Joseph Campbell’s writings. Woo hoo! I’ve somehow become a sucker for this — why have I been ignoring it for so long? Perhaps I had to take a hero’s quest to find out that the answer was there all along. (note: make it stopppppppppppp)

Also, I have assembled my “go-bag,” which is something I’ve always had and gone back and forth with using, but after misplacing the last one I had (which wasn’t really a go-bag and was more of a carry-all), I buckled down and committed to finding a good one. I went to LL Bean and picked one out and equipped it with all I need. Apparently, photographing and showing off what you carry with you all the time is a popular internet meme and there are flickr groups devoted to it. Instead, I submitted a pic of my bag to one of my favorite sites, for their ‘show us your…’ series. Usually it’s something like “show us your browser” or workspace, but this week was go-bags. I submitted mine and voila! It’s there. See the pic and my descriptions here. Mine is the only daddy-go-bag so far; just about everyone else is urban hipsters and/or students. Boo to that, I say.

4. Stuffed Zucchini is REALLY delicious:

Stuffed Zucchini

Incredibly easy — it was ground turkey, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic, hot peppers, one of the biggest zucchinis ever (although not the biggest), pine nuts, mint, and spices. OMG so delicious. Here’s how:

1. Split zucchini in half, use spoon to scoop out the center. Salt, and pre-heat oven to 350.

2. make the quinoa, set aside

3. brown the ground turkey and throw in the spices: cinnamon, sage, a hint of cayenne, salt, pepper, and the coup de grace: freshly ground nutmeg (if you don’t have this, start doing it). It makes the biggest difference by adding a deep Moroccan or Mediterranean flavor to the dish

4.  remove ground turkey from heat, set aside.

5. heat a little olive oil and sweat the onions, hot peppers, and garlic in the pan

6. roast zucchini halves in the oven with nothing in them for 15 min

7. slice cherry tomatoes in half

8. toss the quinoa, ground turkey, onions mix, and tomatoes. Stuff into zukes

9. roast for 15-20 min

10. enjoy!

This can be done with almost anything in the middle if you follow the quinoa/meat (or meat substitute)/onions/veggies route. SOOOOOOOOO good.


I was looking for Rapping Barney February 26, 2007

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Where he says “but to get the fruity taste, I’ve gotta trick Fred!”

but instead I end up with this.

This also came up on my search for “fruity pebbles rap”

This guy is great to watch because of the super-suburban factor — and I finally get to find out what kind of people buy those mini-hot dog carts you see only at Christmas time, because any other time of the year, people look at that and say,  “that’s the stupidest thing ever.” Only during shopping season to people lose their minds enough to buy things like that.

Anyway, sorry, yo, by hanging Jay-Z posters on the fridge doesn’t make you crunk.
Watch “other videos by this user” to check out the rest of the episodes — he’s up to Season 2, episode 3 so far. Looks like he got picked up for a second season! 🙂 Speaking of, I’m so glad It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia got picked up for another season. Funniest. Show. Ever.

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More updates needed November 20, 2006

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 I just looked at the calendar on my blog over there —> and realized that I need to update this thing more often. All apologies, but I’m sure I’ll be baking and cooking a lot this month for the upcoming holidays.

We’ve started a bowling club in the uv, it’s been pretty popular and a great way for people to be social and come together. I’m glad this has taken off as it has and I look forward to the fun times ahead. The uvScene has really come alive with the introduction of the uvMeet!

Tonight I’ll be getting some persimmon pulp and I am going to attempt to make a persimmon jam out of them. I cannot WAIT to try. I’m also going to attempt some watermelon jam as there’s some watermelon left in the freezer that needs to be used. Ideally I’d love to have some sort of market for this venture, but for now I’m just making some for my family and friends. Still, it’s exciting.

Thanksgiving is rapidly decending upon us and it looks like LP may actually eat some solid foods at the table! We’ll see how that goes, because she’s just now getting used to what a spoon looks like. She does like to gnaw on her spoon, though. In other news, I’ve been trying to get LP to take better naps in the daytime; she seems to not want to sleep in her crib. I don’t blame her, it’s a pretty boring place. But we’re establishing a bedtime routine and I’m following all the tricks of the trade; shushing, swaddling, rocking, singing, humming, but nothing will prepare her for laying in her crib alone. Any advice?


My home canning experiment November 15, 2006

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My home canning experiment

Originally uploaded by bakebakebake.

Yesterday I decided to revisit my canning because I had enough apples still left over to make one last batch of applesauce. I also wanted to attempt a new approach to my failed Pineapple Habenero Jam (which, as you may recall, ended up more like a glaze than a jam, but I wanted jam). I knew that it was taking quite a bit of energy to heat all that water on the electric stovetop, and it was a chilly morning so I thought….why not? Why not put the woodstove to my good use and kill two birds with one stone and use the woodstove to heat the water to can? Sounds good in theory, right?

Applesauce #3 and Unlucky Pineapple Habenero Jam Recipes also after the jump.



Applesauce, Canned November 2, 2006

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Applesauce, Canned

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This week is the last chance to get apples from the local orchards so I snagged as many as I could from Riverview Farm and from Poverty Lane Orchards. The first batch I made on Monday night — those are the three jars on the right that are a little lighter. The four on the left are the second batch I made yesterday. Both batches were roughly the same recipe but I think I honed it better for the second.

Recipe after the jump.



Gruntin’ Along October 25, 2006

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blueberry grunt

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So I am going to the uvScene potluck tonight and decided to make something delicious. I used my awesome baking skillz and combined them with the power of local blueberries as well as a little bit of New England culinary power and VOILA — the Blueberry Grunt.

Grunts are traditionally made completely on the stove top like chicken and dumplings, but this recipe (adapted from AB’s Black berry Grunt recipe, needed a little bit of browning on the top. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks good! Yum-o!


Fresh Herbs and How To Cook With Them October 16, 2006

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This summer, we had so many herbs that I have to admit, we didn’t do anything with. Sure, we had a “baby” that occupied a great deal of our time (and justifiably so) — but these easy-to-grow herbs, I have let them down. One of our basil plants is totally dead from frost damage, as are a few others. I did bring the parsley/chives box in but they need to be pruned and used soon. We could have been drying these, we could have been using these, but instead, the cilantro was a bust and the dill just died on me. The catnip even just instantly shut down and died within a matter of hours; it was tragic. Luckily, we still have mint — a lot of it. And now I am trying to figure out how I can salvage this last bit of summer freshness for the rest of the year. I suspect that most of it will get frozen and ultimately end up in either tea or ice cream. I’d like to make some Jalapeno Mint Jelly as well.

I’m sure glad I found the Rural Agriculture Development Authority for Jamaica — their website has a vast array of information on all sorts of culinary herbs and the best ways to use them. Hooray Jamaica!


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