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Babies on a Plane! August 8, 2006

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babies on a plane

…coming this summer?

Travelling with a baby on an airplane wasn’t all that bad. We made sure we’d played with her and tired her out a bit before we got on the plane, and then fed her during takeoff. So far, so good. She only got a little bit fussy at times, but the total amount of time she was fussy was probably 5 min during the entire 5.5hr flight. She fed a little, slept a little, but was awake a lot, just looking around and taking it all in.

The biggest problem was actually trying to figure out how to hold her while she was asleep; you couldn’t very well hold her and drink something or read something at the same time. I am working on an idea for an inflatable infant bed for your lap or the tray table or the seat next to you, something very small and compact but would be able to cradle an infant during flights. It probably already exists.

And just another plug: I recommend flying JetBlue with babies because they offer free DirecTV on every flight and everyone’s got headphones on. That way, if your baby gets fussy, not that many people hear it.

So for the next week, we’re posting from California!