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Baby Got Back — Gilbert and Sullivan Style April 24, 2007

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wow, LOL

If only high school musicals were this great.

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great commercials. Great, great commercials. March 22, 2007

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A Merry Patrick Swayze Christmas to you all December 22, 2006

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and to all a good night!

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I Love Cats December 17, 2006

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A seven-hour catnap, condensed into 23 seconds. I’d like to film the same thing, but Jasper doesn’t take naps this long in one spot…or does he?

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Hey man… December 5, 2006

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I knew I remembered this commercial vividly. It was one of the first commercials I distinctly ever remember seeing about music, and certainly my first exposure to any of this sort of music. In fact, whenever I hear “Horse With No Name” I still think of this commercial.

In fact, I loved it so much, I bought the record when I happened upon it at a used record store. It’s actually pretty good!

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