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is this still on? May 27, 2008

Filed under: garden — tim @ 2:37 am

really? I still have this? Awesome.

the new house has the new garden, and today I tilled it up w/my new-to-me rototiller. I now have severely beaten hands; ouch.

I’ve got 24 tomato plants in the ground, and 6 broccoli as well. We had chives pop up from nowhere, and today I figured out what the other plant was: celery! We had no idea what it was but today I picked some and the scent was unmistakable.

I also have one jalapeno; I will most likely not be doing many hot peppers since I never use them, but with all of these tomatoes I just might have to grow some in order to make some salsa. Too bad I can’t grow cilantro for the life of me; otherwise I’d be all set.

Anyone have any luck with cilantro? Anyone out there? 🙂